Job Training

Adult Workforce Development Training

In some Detroit neighadult workforce.jpgborhoods, the unemployment rate is well above the national average. We are  trying to change that by providing unemployed Detroiters with valuable job training and certification in the green industry. To date, more than 80 percent of our graduates found employment after completing our training program.

Detroit’s real transformation will happen when its residents can find work that pays a living wage. The city still has a relatively high unemployment rate.  But with more than 25 square miles of vacant land, opportunity knocks.  More than 350 Detroiters have graduated from The Greening’s adult workforce training cohort since its inception five years ago.  In 2015, the program became certified as a federal apprenticeship program through the U.S. Department of Labor.

As the city transforms its vacant land, The Greening is expanding its workforce training program to meet the growing demand for green services. A new partnership with Focus:HOPE and Neighborhood Services Organization, called The Detroit Conservation Corps (DCC), plans to eventually train more than 5,000 Detroiters in the skilled trades of landscape technicians, tree artisans, floral decor, urban agriculture, landscape construction, and urban forestry.  

In order to apply, you must be a resident of Detroit, Hamtramck or Highland Park. Please contact Naomi at, or call 313-285-2251 to get more information.



Green Corps Youth Employment Program

IMG_3904.jpegThe Greening of Detroit has planted more than 85,000 trees since we started putting shovels in the ground back in 1989. As the scope of our work increased, we needed help caring for the newly planted trees. In 1998, we created The Green Corps program, which allows us to hire high school students from Detroit each summer to help us water trees and maintain city parks and greenways.

The Green Corps program has collectively employed more than 1,600 Detroit youth since its inception. By maintaining thousands of trees in 250 planting sites across the city, Corps members are investing energy and time in their communities. In 2015, our Green Corps watered more than 11,000 city treesgreencorps cleanup.jpg; maintained and helped clean up green spaces like parks and greenways; and planted, weeded, and harvested crops at the Greening's farm gardens. Each tree site was visited an average of 25 times over the course of the summer.

Green Corps members also participate in experiential learning throughout the summer to enhance their knowledge and broaden their worlds. These include workshops in resume writing, financial literacy and conflict resolution, along with a green career and college fair and field trips to state parks to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Greening of Detroit is hiring DPS and EAA students for this summer's youth employment program. The online application process goes live on March 4, 2016 at 7 a.m. Click HERE to submit your application!  More information at 2016greencorpsapprovedflyer.pdf


Urban Agriculture Adult Apprenticeship Program

If you’re interested in the program, please fill out our form and we’ll get in touch with you once more information becomes available.