Urban Agriculture

The Greening of Detroit's urban agriculture department is committed to helping all Detroiters develop a healthy relationship with food through self-sufficient food production, and increased awareness of gardening, nutrition and local food systems.Depsa garden club -- school nutrition program.jpg

The Greening values environmental stewardship, community leadership and education. Click here for a full list of the 2016 Community Education classes and activities.  See you in the garden! 

 Detroit Market Garden

The Detroit Market Garden serves as a farm training, production and processing location. Seasonal produce is grown in the four hoop-house tunnels year-round.  In 2015, approximately 15,046 pounds of produce was harvested and of that 7,315 pounds of produce was donated to community organizations.  More importantly, The Greening's adult apprentices were trained in all aspects of small-production farming.  They supported farm operations at all garden sites, and got a full education in the process!

This 2.5 acre small-scale production farm is located in Detroit's Eastern Market neighborhood at 1850 Erskine street.  The entrance to the newly expanded Dequindre Cut sits on the edge of the farm garden, allowing bikers, walkers, and visitors to tour the garden and participate in a wide variety of community wellness events and activities. Click here for our 2016 Spring/Summer community class schedule.

Our farm is open to the public from May 1st through September 30th. Self guided tours can be done Wednesdays through Saturdays from 10am to 3pm. If you are interested in a guided tour or a school field trip, please contact Oya @ oamakisi@greeningofdetroit.com for more information.  Media and film, please contact Tee @ Tepfirah.rushdan@greeningofdetroit.com. Please allow 3 days advance notice to schedule. 

On Saturdays beginning May 28th we will be selling produce grown on the farm from 10am to 3pm. Please stop in and see us. 

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The community is welcome at the Detroit Market Garden!


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Lafayette Greens

Yoga at Lafayette GreensLafayette Greens is a downtown Detroit green space and urban garden that comes to The Greening courtesy of the Compuware Corporation. Here you can enjoy and relax in the space, check out all the cool stuff we're growing, get involved in educational opportunities and meet people like you (or not like you) through the simple joy of gardening. We grow hundreds of pounds of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers every year. Everything we harvest goes back to the community, either to volunteers who help us to maintain the space, to community food distributors like Gleaners Community Food Bank, or to shelters like Freedom House.

During the growing season, Lafayette Greens offers a variety of stimulating programs, tastings, educational workshops and farmers’ markets, to name a few.  Check our event calendar for upcoming programs and events.  You can also call at 313- 237-8733 or download a copy of the class schedule here.

Lafayette Greens is open to the public Monday through Friday, 9am- 5pm. Visit us and do a self guided tour. Lafayette Greens garden is located in the heart of downtown Detroit, 132 W. Lafayette Boulevard.

Guided tours or media/press tours, please contact tepfirah.rushdan@greeningofdetroit.com. Please allow 3 days advance notice to schedule.


 Growing food as a part of community resilience, organizing cooperatives as resistance are just a few of the many ways that people are working together to change lives.
~ Dr. Monica White

Romanowski Park

Romanowski .jpgThe Greening of Detroit coordinated the restoration of this 26-acre park in southwest Detroit in 2004, working with community partner organizations and neighborhood residents. We developed a small community garden and orchard at the park.

The Greening's apprentice farmers and volunteers maintain the Romanowski  farm garden. Community residents also take an active role in tending to the garden, planting and harvesting produce, and picking apples and pears from the orchard trees.

Most of the produce and fruit at the park is harvested and consumed by the community; the rest is harvested and delivered to market outlets.



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Training Opportunities

Green CorpS

The Greening employs Detroit high school kids throughout the summer to water trees, work on conservation projects, clean up neighborhoods, and work on the farm learning how to plant, grow and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables.

The 2016 Green Corps program kicks off in mid-June. If you are interested in any of our training opportunities, check our website in early February 2017.

Adult Farm Apprentice Program

The Greening of Detroit's adult apprenticeship education program provides 750 hours of hands-on training in farming, agriculture education and building community relationships. Click HERE to watch video about the 2015 urban agriculture apprenticeship program.

The 2016 Program is now full and closed. If you are interested in being a farm apprentice, Spring 2017 is our next program opportunity

Build A Garden Community program

The Greening of Detroit's Build-A-Garden Program (BAG) offers an opportunity for individuals, groups, schools and institutions in Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck to grow their own food and develop sustainable gardens by providing resources, support and information.

The Greening of Detroit’s Build-A-Garden (BAG) Program helped more than 100 Detroit residents create sustainable gardens and grow their own food in 2015. Often the biggest obstacle to urban growers is actually getting the infrastructure of the garden started, and that’s where The Greening helps. For a nominal fee, BAG members receive raised beds or tilling services, compost and expertise from the Greening’s agriculture team.

The program prioritizes people who have limited financial means or basic skills to develop their own garden. Our goal is to install 100 gardens for families and groups in the 2016 growing season. BAG aims to empower new growers by strengthening the Detroit food system, making healthy food accessible with the added benefit of neighborhood restoration and beautification. APPLY for your garden today!!

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Nutritional Education 

Move, Grow, Eat in schools

The Greening's nutrition instructors engaged youth, parents and seniors at several Detroit schools and public housing sites through the "Eating Good in the Neighborhood" program in 2015. Participants learnedBeautiful shot.jpg how to grow, harvest and cook over 30 different fruits and vegetable varieties, while getting a firm understanding of the health implications of a diet rich in fresh product. 

This specially designed program consisted of two main components: in school nutrition lessons and place-based lessons at public housing sites. Each program ran for four weeks with lessons being taught twice a weekly. 

If your school or senior program is interested in having The Greening out for in-school nutrition lessons or placed based lessons at public senior centers please contact Nikolette Barnes at nikolette@greeningofdetroit.com

Growing is fun! Book a field trip!

All Greening farm sites facilitate youth centered field trips throughout the growing season. Our field trips will showcase urban farming, inform the community about Detroit’s food system, and highlight our programming at the Detroit Market Garden, Lafayette Greens Garden Park and Romanowski Farm Park. We offer hands on fun filled programming for young people between the ages of 5 and 8 years old.

Field trips to the farm garden can be scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays, May 15 through October 15, 2016.  Contact us at 313.225.2284


Move, Grow, Eat at the Farm

The Greening hosts a variety of health and wellness classes to the community at Detroit Market Garden and The Lafayette Greens Garden during the summer months. 

  • Yoga on Mondays at Lafayette Greens
  • QiGong on Wednesdays at Lafayette Greens
  • Traditional African Dance on Wednesdays at Detroit Market Garden 
The Greening's Urban Agriculture group goals are to help enhance the life of Detroiters by providing resources, knowledge and educational wellness and movement classes as it relates to growing and consuming food. 

Our on-going "how to" classes are focused on growing healthy crops, harvesting seeds, how to pickle and preserve your food, Food for the Soul and much much more. See the class schedule below or click here to open the 2016 Summer schedule of classes programming_schedule_2016.compressed-page-001.jpg