Build A Garden

The Greening of Detroit's Build-A-Garden Program (BAG) offers an opportunity for individuals, groups, schools and institutions in Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck to grow their own food and develop sustainable gardens by providing resources, support and information.

The program prioritizes people who have limited financial means or basic skills to develop their own garden. BAG aims to empower new growers by strengthening the Detroit food system, making healthy food accessible with the added benefit of neighborhood restoration and beautification. 

Build A Garden Fees:

  • Family /Individual:  $25 (includes two 4x4beds, compost, seeds, transplants, FREE classes)
  • Community organization, church or business:  $60  (includes two 4x8beds, compost, seeds, transplants, FREE classes)

Build A Garden Recipients - You will be contacted shortly and beds will be delivered during the first 2 weeks in June. 

Our class for 2017 is already filled! We hope we see you next year