DIG - Detroiters in the Garden!

A Community Education Program

Summary of the collaborative initiative between Fort Street Presbyterian Church’s Open Door ministry and The Greening of Detroit:

Fort Street’s Open Door ministry and The Greening of Detroit, a nonprofit environmental agency, are collaborating on an initiative called  DIG – Detroiters in the Gardens.  The program is designed to educate and inspire low-income individuals to prepare and eat healthy, fresh food through hands-on experiential learning at Lafayette Greens garden.  Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to plant, nurture, and harvest a bed of vegetables and herbs throughout the growing season. A health and wellness educator will host a variety of sessions on nutrition, healthy eating, cooking demonstrations, and meal planning. There will also be a focus on the benefits of green space, spending time in nature, and the connection between Mother Earth and mindfulness.

Health and Wellness Educator Job Description

A health and wellness educator will prepare and host 12-15 one-hour community workshops sessions on healthy eating, meal planning, cooking fresh and tasty, easy ways to stay active and strong, etc.  An educator guide with curriculum, lesson plans, and handouts is provided but new ideas are also welcome. The educator will also incorporate movement and mindfulness activities into the curriculum.

Responsibilities include:

  • Preparing calendar timeline and workshop schedule

  • Preparing and ordering all supplies needed for the workshop sessions

  • Promoting program to the community and collaborating partners  

  • Maintaining data on class participants, number of sessions, etc.

  • Develop and distribute evaluation forms for the classes

  • Hands-on participation in planting, gardening, and cooking demonstrations

  • Yoga, mindfulness activities, and other activities in the garden will be offered

  • A flexible schedule is needed


  • High School diploma or GED required/some college preferred

  • Knowledge and some expertise in facilitating health and wellness, nutrition, physical activity programming

  • Strong presentation skills needed

  • Must have the ability to operate and manage all aspects of the community education program, including volunteer recruitment, logistics, promotion, etc.

  • Must be dependable and an independent worker

  • Experience with yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and other calming activities that connect individuals with the natural world is a plus

  • Must be able to work well with others, and enjoy community work

Hours/Rate of Pay:  $15 per hour/12 hours per week

Interested please send your resume and cover letter to Trish at opendoor@fortstreet.org