Environmental Education 


We take a kid's love of dirt and turn it into something quite useful. By using the outdoors as a classroom, students learn from highly skilled educators who've completed our extensive life science training program and workshops. Our environmental service projects give kids the chance to leave their own green thumbprint where they can see it and take pride in it every day. In the summer, we host Camp Greening where they get to unearth nature and explore the outdoors.



Our LAND –Learn Admire Nurture Dream  

City life doesn't give the kids who grow up in it much of a chance to experience the wonders of nature. Fortunately, Our LAND  is The Greening’s environmental program for middle school students in Detroit. This program opens the door to a whole world they might otherwise only read about or see on TV. Students get to experience environmental science both inside and outside the classroom. Numerous outdoor field trips let them explore and develop a deep connection to nature while learning Michigan State Grade Level Content Expectations (GLECs).

Our LAND students not only learn about local ecosystems but actively contribute to their health by engaging in various stewardship activities such as invasive plant removal, trash pickups, and native plant and tree plantings.

Our Land is generously sponsored by American Honda Foundation, Quaker Chemical and the Garden Cruise – hosted by Detroit Garden Works. 

Camp Greening

Camp Greening was created to better connect Detroit children to the natural environment in urban neighborhoods. It also provides city youth with an opportunity to attend a summer camp right in their neighborhoods.
The summer program is free and accessible to a wide age range of kids. There is no limit on how many youth can participate, and the programming is designed to meet the variety of needs and interests of its participants.

Camp activities allow exploration and observation while increasing environmental knowledge, responsibility and stewardship. These include:
•    Making seed boxes and planting seeds
•    Earthworm exploration activities
•    Leaf rubbings
•    Scavenger Hunts
•    Learning about the nature around them

If you are an educator in the City of Detroit and are interested in learning more about Our LAND and Camp Greening programs, please email jac@greeningofdetroit.com