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Youth Employment - Green Corp Kids

The Greening of Detroit has planted more than 90,000 trees since we started putting shovels in the ground back in 1989. As the scope of our work increased, we needed help caring for the newly planted trees. In 1998, we created The Green Corps program. The Green Corp program is one of the few paid urban forestry vocational programs in the country. The program allows us to hire high school students from Detroit each summer to help us water trees, grow food at Detroit Public Schools and our own urban garden, and maintain city parks and greenways.


The Green Teens are also trained in long-term employability and life skills. Participants attend workshops on resume/cover letter writing, interviewing, ACT training, financial literacy, and nutrition. Throughout the program, the youth meet professionals in the field, such as certified arborists and landscapers.Green Corps members invest time and energy in their communities, learn to become environmental stewards by watering trees, cleaning up green spaces, planting, weeding and harvesting crops at school and farm gardens.  They learn about green careers and a variety of life skills along the way.  

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