Land Forum


As a lead partner in the Land Forum coalition, The Greening of Detroit planned and implemented five community events that drew over 600 residents wanting to learn more about how to purchase land in the city. Attendees received step-by- step guidance on acquiring and reusing vacant land.

The Greening’s staff followed up with at least 70 residents who are actively engaged in some state of negotiations or preparations to buy land. The Greening also prepared a proposal for the Detroit Land Bank Authority to become a Community Partner. Through the community partnership agreement, the designation will allow The Greening to usher more residents through the process of land ownership.

Partners of the Land Forum coalition include Michigan Community Resources, Loveland Technologies and Wayne State University Law School (Damon Keith Center for Civil Rights). Land Forum workshop series is being offered to help Detroit residents through the process of buying vacant property in the city.

The Land Forum is a traveling workshop designed to demystify the process of buying vacant Detroit property and to build a cohort of informed buyers from the community. The forum is an initiative of The Greening of Detroit, LOVELAND Technologies, Michigan Community Resources, Wayne State University Law School’s Damon J. Keith Center for Civil Rights and Wayne Law’s Program for Entrepreneurship and Business Law. Each workshop takes place in a different neighborhood roughly once every six weeks. Each workshop covers these topics:

How to plan your property project and figure out if the land you’re interested in

buying fits your goals.

  • What to consider, legally and environmentally, before you buy.
  • How to prepare for and participate in the Wayne County Tax Auction.
  • How to navigate the property-buying process.
  • How to develop your property after you buy it, including step-by- step guides to make your project a reality.

Each workshop offers stations with specific information and resources about a major step in the process of buying and using vacant land. Those attending will be asked a series of questions at the start of the event to find out what type of assistance best suits their needs. Other organizations helping with workshops include the Michigan Land Bank, Detroit Land Bank Authority, and Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. For more information, email Rosie Sharp at