Our Green Sites


Detroit Market garden is a 2.5 acre working farm located in Eastern Market. Our farm supports our CSA and farm apprentice programs, and provides numerous restaurants in the city with chemical-free, locally grown, non-GMO vegetables. Produce from DMG is also donated to food banks and shelters in the community.


Lafayette Greens garden is an urban oasis in the middle of downtown Detroit. Besides growing beautiful flowers, a variety of chemical-free vegetables and herbs are grown here. Lafayette Greens is also a spectacular space to renew your vows, take a class, have an art opening or pop-up gathering.  

vacant lots

We turn big, ugly patches of weeds into bright spots in neighborhoods around the city by encouraging transfer of ownership and adoption of vacant land. We put resources into the hands of Detroit residents, enabling them to turn vacant lots into beautiful green spaces. To learn more click on the box below