Seasonal Lawn Mowing

The Greening of Detroit provides both Commercial and Residential Lawn Mowing Services

Our workforce crews are trained and do a great job! We mow, blow and edge, leaving your home or apartment complex or building looking great.  Plus you are helping us employee great people! 

We will mow your lawn on a weekly, bi-monthly or a one-time basis. Just call for a quote. 

  • We will strive to service your lawn on the same day of each week, although the time of day cannot be guaranteed and sometimes the day will change.
  • We will service your lawn in moderate rain conditions as long as drainage and saturation issues allow.  If rainfall is more than moderate, your lawn will be serviced on the next day.  If more than 2 days elapse before conditions become favorable for mowing, service will be skipped until the following week. (you will be credited on your next billing cycle) 
  • Please make sure that all gates remain unlocked so access to lawn areas remains unhindered.  
  • Please remove all toys, water hoses, and debris from the lawn areas prior to our service day.  The Greening is not responsible for any damaged or destroyed items left in the lawn area or for moving such items.  Any items left in the yard on our service day will be mowed around. 
  • The Greening will make every effort to avoid damaging sprinkler heads.  However, we are not responsible for damage to heads that are malfunctioning or not installed properly.
  • Please make sure that all animal waste is cleaned up from the lawn areas prior to service.  We reserve the right to charge a $35.00 equipment cleaning fee if animal waste is excessive and requires the cleaning of our equipment after services.
  • Trimmings, leaves, and/or any other yard waste resulting from jobs done by the Greening are mulched back into the lawn, we do not bag grass clippings.  
  • Any complaints regarding service must be submitted within 24 hours of the service time. After 24 hours, we will assume the service was completed satisfactorily. Note for those on a seasonal contract: Letting us know of any complaints after this 24 hours period does not constitute a reason to be released from the contract. Exceptions will be made if customer is out of town. However, we must be notified within 24 hours of when the customer returns home. To notify us please call 313-237-8733.


•    For monthly lawn maintenance, invoices will be sent out on the first of the month and are due on the 15th of that month.   If a client has not paid by the 15th, and the client has not contacted The Greening, service may be suspended until we hear from you.  
•    For all non-mowing work, all materials required for any project must be paid for before work is to begin.  The balance of the project must be paid in full at the time of completion.
•    Failure to pay any balance that is owed in a timely manner will result in your account being turned over to a collection agency and will affect your credit.