Training and Workforce Development

Looking for a job in landscaping? Do you want to lead volunteers in tree plantings? The Greening provides training in these vocations.  Read more to find out how  you can get involved. 

Adult and Youth Training

The Greening is expanding its workforce development program to meet the growing demand for green services as the city transforms its vacant land. Over the next five years, The Greening plans to train more than 2,400 Detroiters in the skilled trade of landscape technicians, tree artisans, floral decor,  urban agriculture, landscape construction and urban forestry. 

Citizen Foresters

Citizen Foresters are highly trained volunteers responsible for leading groups of up to 20 novice volunteers on planting days. They demonstrate best practices for planting a tree and serve as quality control supervisors and motivational leaders during tree planting events in the spring and fall.