Community Tree Planting

We are currently   accepting applications for community tree plantings  for Spring 2019.   

Welcome to The Greening of Detroit's Community Tree Planting Application ! A community tree planting is a unique opportunity to work with neighbors and friends to improve the health and wellness of your community, increase Detroit's urban forest, and leave a legacy for the next generation. Please complete and submit this application to request a community-based planting with The Greening of Detroit.  Several months may pass before your application gets approved. Please be patient. 

Here is what you can expect when partnering with us:


The Community planting partner will:

  • Collaborate in the planning phases

  • Lead community outreach efforts

  • Provide volunteers on planting day

    • We recommend 2 volunteers per tree

  • Provide care for trees and / or plants

  • Help plan and commit to the community planting day

  • Coordinate the location and outreach for (1) one Community Forestry Workshop

  • Serve as community liaison for tree questions

  • Confirm a minimum of 15 neighbors who want trees


The Greening of Detroit Will:

  • Facilitate the planning phases with your organization

  • Support your community outreach efforts

  • Provide professional assistance, tools, and planting supplies and any additional volunteers needed on the community planting day

  • Facilitate one Community Forestry Workshop on the benefits and care of the trees being planted

  • Provide instructions on how to maintain your new trees



  • Applicants can represent any community group, block club, school, faith-based & non-profit organization, community development corporation, and business association.

  • Applicant groups and proposed sites must be located in city limits of Detroit, Highland Park or Hamtramck.

  • Community plantings typically take place on public property or property owned by a school, faith-based or non-profit organization. Private residential property may be considered.

  • Applications will meet The Greening of Detroit’s evaluation standards outlined below

Evaluation Checklist


Below are the standards used by The Greening of Detroit to evaluate community planting applications. Prior to submitting your application, please review this checklist with your community group.

  • Location—The proposed planting site is:

    • Publicly owned (this includes boulevards and the strip of land between sidewalks and roads)

    • Near a convenient water source

    • For street tree plantings, berm width is at least 5’

  • Leadership & Organizational Capacity - Your community group will:

    • Designate a project leader

    • Collaborate with nearby neighborhood groups, organizations and associations

    • Garner support for plantings among individual residents in your neighborhood

    • Coordinate a location for 1 Community Forester Workshop

  • Maintenance—Your community group will:

    • Water, weed and mulch for at least three years

    • Protect plant material from lawn mowers and weed whips

    • Contact The Greening of Detroit for signs of insect damage or disease

  • Resource Contribution—Your community group will:

    • Provide volunteer support on planting day (Required: 2 volunteers per tree)

    • Offer a cost share for plant material


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