Walter I Meyers Nursery


In 2009, the City asked The Greening of Detroit if we would be interested in managing a portion of Rouge Park where the former Walter Meyers Tree Nursery  is located.  In 2009 we took over the nursery and beginning in 2010 used a portion of it to help train our workforce development groups in landscaping skills - how to run a brush hog, zero turn mowers, weedwacking, using a chain saw and of course tree trimming skills.

The nursery is approximately 72 acres and has not been used for decades! There is much work to do. The Greening was awarded a grant that helps us do some site preparation and utility planning and installation which we have been working on since 2018.    The work at Meyers Nursery serves to highlight the many assets of Rouge Park, the largest park in the City of Detroit.

Additionally we have planted thousands of baby trees at the nursery with the help of our Citizen Foresters and hundreds of volunteers who have donated hundreds of hours to the project. These trees , when ready will be installed in parks and public spaces in Detroit, Hamtramck and Highland Park.

Over the summer of 2019, we collected personal stories of both Walter Meyers Nursery and Rouge Park. There's been a few local articles since 2009 with small bits of the nursery's history, but nothing focused on the people who were part of it, grew up with it, live or lived near it. Look for those stories on our blog soon!