Walter I Meyers Nursery


In 2009, the City asked The Greening if we would be interested in managing a portion of the Rouge Park where the former The Walter I Meyers Tree Nursery  is located.  In 2009 we took over the nursery and beginning in 2010 used a portion of it to help train our workforce development groups in landscaping skills - how to run a brush hog, zero turn mowers, weedwacking, using a chain saw and of course tree trimming skills.

The nursery is approximately 72 acres and has not been used for decades! There is much work to do. This year The Greening was awarded a grant that helps us do some site preparation and utility planning and installation.   This will enable us to prepare the nursery to start growing trees again. Our goals are to be able to grow our own trees and provide them back to the city, while still continuing to use the nursery as a training site.